Meet the founders of The Foundation!

We are a husband and wife team, Robert and Katie. 

Katie writing here! 

As you might suspect, I’m the one with the beauty background. For over 16 years, I have been a freelance master makeup artist in LA, New York and Philly for movies, tv, national and international ads. I am also a makeup and skincare educator and instructor, specializing in teaching corrective makeup. I am 4x certified in permanent makeup and constantly continuing my education. 

What you might not expect is that my husband Robert, while not having a beauty background per se, does have 15+ years of master color theory and color corrections from his years of kitchen and bath design. Because of his background, he also has a very discerning eye and a knack for symmetry and details. 

Why did we start The Foundation? 

I was tired of the constant commute, crazy hours, and unpredictability of the freelance world and needed a change. After looking into many, many options, permanent makeup seemed to be the best fit. 

My amazing husband supported me the entire time through my hours of schooling and practicing as well as endless hours spent researching to find the best products and tools to get the best results for our clients. Robert even came up with the name for the business! 

Now we’re up and running, with myself offering multiple brow services, and Robert offering lip blushing and removal, both of us offer tiny tattoos. We’re so excited to start offering our years of color, symmetry, and beauty expertise to the Lehigh Valley and beyond.